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Google search ranking can be an exercise in frustration. On top one day, invisible the next. They say that “Knowledge is Power”, I couldn’t agree more. This the second post in the “Search Series”. A series I want to write about Google search ranking experiences. Hopefully, readers of this post will use what they’ve read to good use.

Google Search Ranking in a Nutshell

A fast recap of the last post. For demonstration purpose, I wrote a post that went to #1 in google search, in less than 8 hours. I had no idea it could be done so fast, actually. The image below depicts the time from submission to the number 1 position.
google search ranking
As I mentioned in the previous post, this was only a demonstration. In itself, it has little value. I don’t sell pajamas. It is a lesson in keyword research. It is a lesson in SEO. In other words, you will need to read between the lines, if I fail to adequately explain.
There are many facets to gaining a great Google search ranking. The previous post touched on several. Keyword research is absolutely critical. Time wasted on low-value keywords is money wasted. Search volume describes how often a search term is used. Higher search volume is better. Search volume for the keywords in the previous post was 0 (zero). Bad thing, to be sure. On the flip-side, the competition was zero, as well. This is a good thing. In fact, competition is more important. The two metrics are independent of each other. The previous post was all about competition. Search volume played little in the story. The post ranked #1 in 8 hours because there was NO COMPETITION AT ALL!

Google Search Ranking is About Competition

In the cyber-world, as in the real world, David rarely beats Goliath. Accordingly, a puny, little upstart website has minute chance to beat a powerful website in a head to head. For that reason, you need to choose your fights well. Keyword research helps you pick the sure winners and stand clear of battles you just can’t win.
Just because there are giants, it doesn’t mean you are doomed. Websites are not born all-powerful, after all. You can beef-up your online presence. You can become, in time, the one in the sights of the puny new upstart. Are you ready to make your website more powerful? Are you ready to be the one to beat? The path starts in the next post!
In the meanwhile, you can check out this excellent article on getting Google to
index your images to have it shown in the images tab. My little porpupine is the first image you see when searching for “Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants”.
So far, so good. Of course, it has only been a couple weeks at this point, but I am still ranked #1.Google Search Ranking Position
Google Search Ranking Demonstration
One interested thing that I noted, was that the number of results had a dramatic increase. When I first looked at the keyword, there was only a single page ranking. When I ranked #1, there were 7. Now, there are 74!Google Search Ranking Increased Listings
purple porcupine pajama pants
Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants? Oh, yes. They are the latest rage, do you have any? But, are they pajama pants for purple porcupines, or are they purple pajama pants for porcupines? Or, are they purple pajama pants with porcupines on them? No to all the above. Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants is a term that I will use in a discussion about ranking a web page on Google.
This post is primarily for the uninitiated, but even SEO veterans could possibly glean some insight. I arbitrarily chose “Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants” as a whimsical search term, a keyword phrase that should be super easy to rank for in Google. Hopefully, by the time you read this post, it will be in the #1 position.

Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants as a search term

purple porcupine pajama pants
My primary purpose for this post is to demonstrate that ranking #1 in Google, is of itself, potentially worthless. I have had clients that wanted to rank for particular keywords. It was an unbelievably difficult task to explain that their keywords were not a good choice. For example, the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) contains only 9 listings for my demo search phrase “Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants”. Often the number of pages returned for a competitive keyword will be in the millions. The term “cat food”, for example, returns 20,900,99 web pages relevant to the term. The number of sites returned from a search is not a direct indicator of how competitive a search term, but it does demonstrate it to a point.

Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants is Easy to Rank

This is a very obscure search term. No one is using to rank, and no one is using it in the search engines. It is easy to rank because there is no competition. There is no competition because there is no search volume. That is to say, no one is typing “purple porcupine pajama pants” into the Google search engine. When doing keyword research, it is important to balance low competition with high search volume. Ideally, the keyword will have a very high search volume, 300K per month, for example, with very low competition.
The point I am trying to make with this post is that low competition is only part of the equation. Search volume is easily as important than low competition. This post will shoot up to number 1. It is highly optimized, I will have it indexed by Google as fast as I can. I might even shoot it a couple of quick backlinks. The nine pages that I mentioned before will be easy to beat. To begin with, they are not especially relevant to the term “purple porcupine pajama pants”. Why in the world would they be? This post, on the other hand, is very relevant. In my next post, I will continue the discussion of ranking and keyword research.
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a2 hosting supergirl
I have been with A2 Hosting for a couple years now. After going around and around with the usual suspects; BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost and Arvixe, I seemed to have finally picked a winner. Maybe just a tad pricy, but I have been very satisfied with the performance, customer service and the little extras.
A2 Hosting has been around since 2003, and have won a slew of awards for being best of breed. They are very developer friendly with all the latest versions of the different tools you need to get a website up and running, and keep it running.

A2 Hosting Products

a2 hosting flyboy
At A2 Hosting, you will find the normal array of web hosting options offered at most hosting companies; Shared, Dedicated, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Reseller and Cloud Hosting packages.
All of the packages come with various levels. For example, the Shared Hosting offers the Lite, Swift and Turbo solutions. This a very common business model. The Lite package represents the economy class, Swift the mid-range, and the Turbo is the top-tier. All three of these come with A2 Optimized software, which is auto-configured for most of the website foundations, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and PrestaShop. This software ensures the fastest possible performance and most secure settings. The Turbo option gets your site hosted on A2 Hosting’s Turbo servers, which loads pages up to 20 times faster compared to standard hosting servers. The Apache replacement leverages fewer users per server, less memory and CPU, to provide faster and more efficient connections and enhanced stability.

A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting allows you to choose between different versions of PHP, versions 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, or version 7.0 and Python versions 2.6, 2.7, or 3.2. MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4, PERL 5.10, Apache 2.2, Node.js are included in all accounts, as well as FTP/SFTP and Free SSH Access. You can also choose where your files live; A2 Hosting has data centers in Michigan, Amsterdam and Singapore. Security is a serious matter. A2 Hosting’s data center is SSAE16 certified, and the security measures include: Gated parking lot with security key entry, security key needed to enter data center, security key needed to access the fully enclosed locked server rack. To top it off, there is video surveillance.