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Google search ranking can be an exercise in frustration. On top one day, invisible the next. They say that “Knowledge is Power”, I couldn’t agree more. This the second post in the “Search Series”. A series I want to write about Google search ranking experiences. Hopefully, readers of this post will use what they’ve read to good use.

Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants thumbnail

Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants? Oh, yes. They are the latest rage, do you have any? But, are they pajama pants for purple porcupines, or are they purple pajama pants for porcupines? Or, are they purple pajama pants with porcupines on them? No to all the above. Purple Porcupine Pajama Pants is a term that I [...]

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A2 Hosting Has Turbo Servers thumbnail

I have been with A2 Hosting for a couple years now. After going around and around with the usual suspects; BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost and Arvixe, I seemed to have finally picked a winner. Maybe just a tad pricy, but I have been very satisfied with the performance, customer service and the little extras.A2 Hosting has [...]